dooConsult is a Belgrade-based independent management and technology consultancy.

Our Approach

 Optimizing the project value through the reinvention of a company's DNA.

 To deliver new value and innovation, we ensure that results and deliverables are built on trust, hard work, and two-way communication with all stakeholders, not just project owners and team members, utilizing both top-down and bottom-up approaches.

This way, everyone is aware of the changes and provided with the necessary tools and data to adapt, act, and deliver on the new value proposition, while understanding the direction the company is heading.

 We offer flexible engagement options to cater to your needs. Our services can be provided on a time-specific project basis, where we work collaboratively for a defined duration. Alternatively, we can become an integral part of your company's center of excellence, working with you on a permanent basis. Additionally, we provide advisory services to top management, ensuring confidentiality and expert guidance.


 We take great pride in our achievement of earning the trust and confidence of numerous top-tier companies and organizations across diverse industries.

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National postal service operator


Regional logistics company

Elektromreža Srbije

National transmission system operator


Economic research and consulting company

Ministry of Economy

Government of Serbia

Urban Institute of Belgrade

Ministry of Spatial Planning and Mining

Government of Serbia

City of Belgrade

City Administration



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